Feb 20, 2013

Vanilla sugar

This is the vanilla sugar I use. The one you find in a store is called "vanillin" and I swear, I can taste the difference in the final product. Especially, the last time I made chocolate muffins. I misplaced my vanilla sugar. It was sitting in front of me, but I missed it. I used a packaged one that, I wonder why, I still had in my drawer.  And I don't know if it was because I knew about it or because there really was a difference, but the muffins tasted...weird, synthetic. I didn't tell anybody else, so they ate it. I had one.
Vanilla beans are expensive. In my recipes, I have used just seeds scraped with a knife but they were gone too quickly. This vanilla is lasting me for months. 

time: 5 min preparation + about 2 weeks 

3 vanilla beans
1/2 kg (2 cups) sugar


Cut each bean with a sharp knife. Open it, scrap the seeds with a knife and bury them together with the leftover stems in a airtight jar with sugar. Seal it tightly with a lid. Shake it and allow at least 2 week for the flavor to seep in.

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