Savory Days

Armenian bread
Chickpea bread
Flour tortillas
Hard toasted french bread
Italian pumpkin rye bread
No-knead ciabatta
Quick spelt-rosemary rolls
Pita bread
Spelt rolls
Spinata romagnola

Broccoli falafel
Broccoli-potato croquetes with feta cheese
Cauliflower in batter + nutmeg
Chickpea cheese straws
Croquettes with prosciutto and mozzarella
Kohlrabi open sandwich
Parmesan frollinis
Sicilian chickpea "panelle"
Sweet or salty ricotta triangles

PASTA & SAUCES (back to the top*)
Asparagus carbonara
Baked penne with vegetables
Lasagna rolls with spinach
Lemon spaghetti
Pasta and chickpeas or "Pasta e ceci" with bell peppers and tomatoes
Penne gratin with asparagus alla carbonara
Penne with asparagus
Penne with broccoli in almond milk b├ęchamel
Penne with mash
Rizzini with vegetables al pecorino
Spaghetti with lentil balls
Tagliatelle with asparagus and Pecorino
Tagliatelle with oyster mushrooms
Whole carrot spaghetti
Whole spelt russian pierogi

Bechamel sauce

PIZZAS & FOCACCIAS (back to the top*)
Baby focaccias with potatoes and whole spelt
Cherry tomato focaccia w/whole spelt
Flipped rye focaccia with cherry tomatoes, olives and prosciutto
Focaccia quasi genovese
Focaccia with asparagus and Spring herbs
Focaccia with baby beets
Pizza romana
Pizza with asparagus
Pizza with black olives and red radishes
Pizza with scallions
Rye focaccia with baby beets and feta
Split focaccia sandwich
Split focaccia sandwich with giant beans and Spring herbs
Split focaccia sandwich with roasted baby beets, goat cheese and yogurt
Whole spelt pizza with arugula pesto and anchovies
Young cabbage focaccia rolls

QUICHES & PIES (back to the top*)
Broccoli quiche
Frittata with asparagus and young potatoes
Oven frittata with ricotta and spinach
Potato and mushroom pot pie
Scallion quiche with salmon
Whole spelt feta quiche with vegetables + 2 freed trick
Zucchini quiche

RISOTTOS  & GRAINS (back to the top*)
Baked risotto with roasted vegetables
Barley and root vegetable parmesana
Celery risotto
Celery root risotto
Millet cake with black olives
Red cabbage risotto
Risotto with whole baby beets
Roasted kohlrabi with barley in parsley Gorgonzola b├ęchamel
White asparagus cream risotto
Wild mushroom risotto

SALADS (back to the top*)
Cauliflower and carrots hot-day salad
Couscous with fava beans
French potato and string bean salad
Giant white beans with roasted root vegetables and thyme
Roasted beet salad with rucola
Roasted parsley root salad with rucola
Young potato, tomato and cucumber salad with French dressing and Spring herbs

SOUPS (back to the top*)
Baby beet soups
Barley soup (krupnik?)
Bok choy soup
Cream of broccoli soup
Cream of pumpkin soup
Cream of string beans with roasted tomatoes and potatoes
Crisp cauliflower soup
Minestrone with broccoli
Onion soup
Red and white cabbage soup with beans
Tomato soup with barley
Winter minestrone

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