Sweet Days

Almond brittle


All-crumble almond cake
Almond (or ricotta) lemon cake with strawberries
Amaretti torta
Capri cake I
Capri cake II
Carrot-almond cake
Carrot spelt cake
Chocolate almond fine cake
Chocolate cake
Chocolate cream cake
Cocoa almond or ricotta cake with whipped cream and strawberries
Cocoa polenta cake (Amor polenta with cocoa)
Coconut cake with a cocoa heart
Colomba w/whole spelt
Lemon capri cake
Mandarin lemon cake
Marble ring cake
Mrs. Irena's Easter Babka cooked in water
Oatmeal cocoa cake (vegan)
Panettone w/whole spelt
Paradise Cake
Poppy seed amaretti cake
Stollen w/whole spelt (German Christmas bread)
Tomek's mom gingerbread w/whole spelt
Whole spelt Italian chocolate cake
Whole spelt yogurt cocoa cake
Zebra cake
7-jar cake

Almond super-easy-and-fast cookies
Almond beans
Austrian croissants
Chewy chocolate chip cookies
Chickpea cookies with peanut butter and white chocolate
Chickpea cookies with dark chocolate and peanut butter
Chocolate biscotti
Chocolate chunk cookies with almonds (Giada's incredible cookies. Version 1)
Cantucci w/whole spelt
Giada's incredible cookies. Version 3
Gingerbread cookies
Lady's kisses w/whole spelt
Lemon ricotta cookies
Nutella cookies
Soft ginger cookies w/whole spelt
Sweet tiles (thin nut cookies)
Swirl biscotti w/whole spelt

DESSERTS BY THE SPOON (back to the top*)
Almond chocolate cake with strawberries
Apples with amaretti filling
Avocado chocolate mousse
Baked apple puree
Cherry flan
Chestnut-chocolate cream
Chocolate ganache cream
Chocolate mousse (fondant au chocolat)
Chocolate raspberry mascarpone dessert
Chocolate tortino
Coffee semifreddo
Creamy almond cake with red currants and white chocolate
Custard Filling
Duchess's cold cake
Raspberry cream with ladyfingers
Raspberry semifreddo
Semifreddo with caramelized nectarines and raspberries
Ultimate cheesecake
Vanilla panna cotta with almond milk

FRUIT CAKES (back to the top*)

Apple amaretti cake Apple and ricotta delicacy
Apricot and almond (or ricotta) delicacy
American fruit cake

Ciambellone with apples

Sunny apple cake

Whole spelt Paradise cake on berries
Very apple cake
Very carrot cake (with 2 pounds roasted carrots)

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