Apr 4, 2013

Hard toasted french bread

I needed toasted bread for my French onion soup*.

In Julia Child's book, the instructions were just below the soup recipe. I got curious. I have never used a recipe to toast bread before. Maybe that's why it was never quite toasted or over toasted. A toasted French bread should be dry and hard through the middle, only slighly browned on the outside. Anyway, it feels good to do things right, even if it's a piece of toast for soup.

Recipe adapted from Julia Child
time: 30 minutes


French bread (baguette)
2-3 Tablespoons olive oil for brushing
1 clove of garlic, split in half


Preheat oven to 325F/160C. Cut bread in 3/4 - 1inch (2 - 2.5cm) thick pieces. Place them looslely on a baking sheet. Half way through, brush them on both sides with olive oil, using a brush or your fingers. Take toasted bread out, rub pieces with garlic halves.


  1. Anonymous11/30/2013

    exactly what i needed tonight and you came through. thanks so much for posting.

    1. Very glad it worked for You, Dawn :))

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