Mar 4, 2014

Bigger apple crumble w/whole spelt

My sister has been baking this apple crumble regularly. She did it when I was visiting her last and was telling me how she made it work with rice flour or xylitol. And she was right, her crumble was fantastic. Good news for me is that she's been actually reading my blog and found this recipe here. So, the other day, when Hania felt like a fruit cake, I dug an old recipe out and made it ... bigger and better!

Recipe adapted from Gray Apron
time: 20 min preparation + 50 min baking + 10 min cooling

for apples
7 big (about 200 g or 1/2 lb each) apples
juice from 1 medium lemon
1/3 cup (70 g) sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
3 Tablespoons (45 g) butter

for crumble

1 1/4 cup flour = 150 g whole spelt flour - the one I used - OR 175 g regular flour
8 Tablespoons (120 g) cold butter, diced
1/3 cup (75 g) light brown sugar (white OK)
4 Tablespoons (60 g) my own vanilla sugar

Preheat oven to 180C/355F (fan forced function). Butter (extra butter) a large ceramic baking dish.

to prepare apples: Roughly peel your apples. Core them and cut in dice-size chunky pieces.
On a large skillet, melt butter on medium high. Add apples, lemon juice, sugar and cinnamon. Stir and cook for 1 minute.

to prepare crumble: Place butter, sugars and flour in a large bowl. Working fast with your fingers, combine them till all greased, for about 1 minute. 

Transfer apples (OK if still warm/hot) into the baking dish. Drop crumble on top of the fruit. Set the dish into the hot oven for about 50 minutes till juices bubble on the sides.
Remove from the heat. Let it cool for at least 10 minutes and serve.

  • Renee variety is the type of apples I use for baking;
  • I doubled the recommended amount of the fruit but I left the sugar amount the same: the dessert was plenty sweet;
  • my sister doesn't sweeten her apples at all, but the Renee variety is particularly tart;
  • I didn't bother with peeling the apples all the way this time; most of the flavor is in the skin and just underneath it, so I just gave a rough peel;
  • there was plenty of crumble to cover the augmented fruit amount; 
  • the dessert turned out just like we wanted - full of beautifully baked apples topped with a perfect crunch;
  • was gone before anybody decided to get in the car and get ice cream...


  1. Mmmmm. It looks delicious!

  2. Looks wonderful. It is so nice to share recipes with the ones you love.
    Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  3. I don't tend to like things that are too sweet so I think it's great that you doubled the fruit but kept the sugar the same. Looks wonderful!

  4. the bigger it is, the more it is, to taste this amazing and sweet delicious apple crumb, yummmmy :D

  5. Bigger is always better :-) Just love this classic dessert and this is a nice twist with spelt. Not sure why not getting your feed again since Feb 12th :-(

    1. I'm looking into it...thanks for letting me know :) ela

  6. Love apples desserts, especially apple crumble - because it's more about the apples but still with some baked stuff. Never tried spelt flour but have seen the recipes using this kind of flour floating around the internet! Your version looks amazing and so delicious!

  7. For me, there is nothing like a warm apple crumble. Pure comfort! This looks just delicious. I have enough apples in the refrigerator...maybe this will happen tonight!

  8. I love me some apple crumble, and it's been a few months since I last had it. Thanks for the reminder! Looks great!

  9. I love apple crumbles! And this is perfect for the hubby who doesn't like oatmeal toppings!

  10. Oh how I adore apple crumble Ella... very lovely recipe!

  11. I go crazy for apple desserts of any kind!My mouth is watering!
    Kisses fron Greece,dear Ela!

  12. So delicious and tempting with whole spelt!

  13. This looks perfect for the cold weather we have been having! I'm a huge fan of anything with apples, yum!

  14. Apple deserts are always on top of the list; looks very yummy!

  15. This looks delicious! It seems like you and your sister are close, that is so nice. I really enjoy the flavor of spelt flour so I will definitely be trying this.

  16. I love apple crumbles and this one must be delicious!



  17. I love apple crumble and this one looks fantastic! Great recipe Ela, I love that you used spelt flour in here :)

  18. This was the first dessert I ate when I came to Canada and loved it. Yours look great!

  19. I love Apple crumble Ela, and you blog look just beautiful!!