Oct 10, 2014

Cocoa polenta cake (Amor polenta with cocoa)

Continuing with my cravings for chocolate...I don't take the easy way and buy a chocolate bar, I make a cake.

Cocoa polenta cake (Amor polenta with cocoa)
adapted from Giallo Zafferano
time: 10 min preparation / 40 min baking

100 g (7 Tablespoons) butter, room temperature
120 g (2/3 cup) sugar
1 vanilla bean, cut open, seeds removed
2 eggs, room temperature
30 ml (2 Tablespoons) vodka or rum
100 g (10 Tablespoons) fine corn flour
50 g (5 Tablespoons) flour
30 g (3 Tablespoons) cocoa powder
70 g (7 Tablespoons) almond meal (I just blended whole almonds)
8 g (2 teaspoons) baking powder

Preheat oven to 180C/360F (fan forced function). Line a small (20 cm / 8inch) round baking form with parchment paper. To line a form: I cut a piece of paper larger than the form, crush it between my hands, soak it under water, squeeze the water out, shake (gently) the paper to open and line the form.

In a medium bowl, using a bubble whisk, sift together the two flours, almond meal, cocoa and baking powder.

In a bowl of a standing mixer, beat butter till creamy (on medium/high speed - 3 min - with a paddle attachment). Add sugar and vanilla seeds, beat for another 3 minutes. Add eggs, one at the time. Pour in vodka. Beat for 1 minute (OK if all not smooth). Turn the mixer off. Using a rubber spatula, combine flour mix and working from bottom to top, stir till all combined and not any longer (about 20 seconds). Transfer the mix into the prepare form, level it with a spatula and set it in the hot oven for 40 minutes. Good to eat even when warm...

  • nice, simple, light, smooth cake; 
  • on a dry side - goes really well with a glass of milk;
  • well balanced between cocoa and sweet flavors;
  • originally the cake is white or yellow; I replaced 3 Tbs of flour with cocoa;
  • quick and easy recipe... with "Amor" in the tittle, just makes you feel good...


  1. Wow, Ela, you blow me away with your beautiful baking!

  2. I love that you have used fine corn flour in this chocolate cake. It surely looks very smooth and beautiful, Ela.

  3. Anonymous10/11/2014

    Looks, delicious and comforting choco polenta cake for starting a day!!!
    sure gonna try this recipe....

  4. Now this is one stella way to use polenta. Holy YARM! :)

  5. Every visit I make here reminds me how talented you are in the kitchen. Your food and photography are wonderful.

  6. I crave chocolate all the time so I'm totally with you!

  7. Your cocoa cake looks like a perfect match for my cup of tea!

  8. Deat Elzbieta, I am a polenta fan. I think with the cocoa it would be nice as dessert with a cup of tea. It is is a little dry perhaps warm it with butter. Blessings dear. Cathrine xo

  9. Love that you made a cake when the craving for chocolate hit :) It looks gorgeous Ela!

  10. Oh what a lovely looking cake would go perfectly with my morning coffee :D

  11. Really great cake, polenta and almond meal is a fun way to play with the 'flour' for sure. Booze sounds great too!

  12. Hm, interesting combo and great alternative to 'sticky' flour. Must try!

  13. You always make me want to run into my kitchen and bake up a simple cake! This sounds delicious!

  14. Hi Ela, love the use of corn flour here, bet this is delicious!

  15. You can keep up with the chocolate recipes all you'd like, Ela :) I love it too. Another great recipe!

  16. I'm a chocoholic as well Ela, so I'm more than happy that you have these cravings , pls continue!
    Never heard of cocoa polenta cake before but it sure sounds and looks damned good :)

  17. This is an amazing cake! Homemade cakes are definitely better than storebought bars!
    Hugs,dear Ela!