Apr 6, 2014

Breakfast with the crepes

Julian grabs about a dozen of them at once, puts butter in between and syrup or preserves on top. Hania covers hers with Nutella, preserves and sprinkles it with brown sugar. I put Nutella and jam.

They come in three sizes. Hania likes to pick the big ones. The small ones go to me.

Sometimes Hania is afraid that daddy is going to eat all of them.

Crepes stay warm and moist throughout breakfast. They are put in a warm dish and are covered with a piece of aluminum foil and then a cotton cloth to keep the foil down.

I make the crepes as thin as possible. So they often have eyes.

Sunday morning is our only sure date for a family meal. And that's OK.

We almost never eat crepes any other day. Hania said it would be confusing.

Although I don't change the recipe much at all, Julian always makes a comment that they are good or different or especially good...he is not allowed any other comments. "Different" borderlines "not allowed".

And that's that. There is no designated person to do the dishes. They stay till someone gets the urge.

Recipe adapted from Julia Child
time: 30 min preparation + 2 hrs inactive
makes about 25 pieces in 3 different sizes

1 cups (240 ml) almond milk
1 cup (240 ml) ice water
4 medium eggs
3 Tablespoons (45 ml) oil, olive or your favorite
1/2 teaspoon (4 g) salt
1 1/2 cup (360 ml) flour; I used 1/2 cup (75 g) white flour + 1 cup (120 g) whole spelt flour

Place milk, eggs, oil and salt in the blender. Blend for 1 minute on high speed. Add flours. Blend for another minute. Sit it in the fridge for 2 hours (at least 30 minutes).

Heat up a pan on medium/high, smear it a bit with extra butter. Pour batter onto the pan moving it around to spread the liquid evenly (pour any excess batter back to the blander). After about 10-20 seconds, flip it to the other side. Cook it for another 10-20 seconds. I stack the crepes on a warmed (preheated in the oven) dish and cover them with aluminum foil and a cotton cloth. Our plates are also preheated in the oven. 

  • that's a lot of crepes for the three of us and occasionally some are leftover for later;
  • because if there is something I don't like about Sunday mornings, it would be ... dust on the TV set, or running out of crepes.


  1. Your post is beautiful, Elzbieta! What a wonderful morning. I love crepes on the weekend. It is such a treat! Thank you for the birthday message and all your sweet comments. xo


    1. Lindo post Elzbieta sobre un maravilloso desayuno ,tomar crep├ęs al desayuno es una delicia al paladar,abrazos

  2. A beautiful and loving Sunday breakfast, Ela. This reminds me that I haven't made any crepes in a long while...might just whip up a batch next weekend.

  3. I love crepes and the shots are stunning and yeah I noticed Julian enjoyed lol
    Here all love crepes and many times I dont make:)

  4. And yes we love really thin like these:)

  5. Where do you live Ela? I invite myself to your house for such beautiful breakfast feast. Love crepes!

  6. What a lovely breakfast. I have only made crepes once in my life ( I know, what is my problem?) and am definitely wanting to make some again. I don't mind the eyes in the crepes, I also like them as thin as possible :)

  7. Such a beautiful breakfast, Ela. I love crepes.

  8. What beautiful pictures! I love week-end mornings, and you have captured them so well here in these pics, your crepes look amazing!

  9. Wonderful! A delicious breakfast treat.



  10. What fun family time...Sunday evening meals are one of the few times we can all get together. I love my crepes with butter, sugar and berries :)

  11. Great pics of the whole family enjoy wonderful thing crepes. makes me want to do a Sunday brunch on a Monday :-)

  12. I love this post! It's so fun to see a glimpse into daily life - now I want a sunday brunch as delicious as this!

  13. Crepes is one thing I really want to start making but still haven't. This looks like such a great breakfast and time with family.

  14. Homemade crepes sound absolutely magical right now. Yum!

  15. Love these pictures, makes me want to throw a elegant breakfast!

  16. I love crepes with Nutella too :) I haven't made them in a while though, I think you might have inspired me to make some this weekend!

  17. I love Sunday only for one reason! You can have a true and rich breakfast and take your time to enjoy it! Delicious crepes!