Oct 6, 2012

About me

Hi, I'm Ela (or Elżbieta) Hester. I spend most of my days with family in Kołobrzeg, Poland, right on the beautiful Baltic coast. Before that, I'd lived, studied and worked in the USA and Europe. I feel at home in New York, Milan or Paris. I love my family, friends, Italy and lots of other people, things and places.

I started the blog to keep track of my cooking. And I figured, if I want to get better at it, I need to write it down. I do it in English so my Mom doesn't read it.

e-mail me at elzbietahester@gmail.com


  1. Poland is one of the places I want to visit in Europe. One day! :)

  2. One day, I hope to visit Turkey!

  3. I love your about page! I'm in love with Italy as well :)

  4. Girl, I would love to meet you when I visit Poland!