Oct 25, 2012

Chocolate ganache cream

This is the best cream I've ever made. Nothing went to waste, all the tools and bowls are cleaned up, so good.
I'm planing to make Halloween desserts tomorrow, and the cream is part of it. I've never made it before, and the recipe said you can do it a day in advance, because it needs to be chilled well. I don't want to have more surprises than usual tomorrow and I was curious about the cream, I mean the name sounds very stylish and refined. It's French but I found it in an Italian recipe, that must tell you something.

So, today just about the ganache.

You'll need cream, butter and lots of dark chocolate (I always have those in my pantry).

My kitchen is a mess right now, it's a bit chaotic till get a hang of it. Especially working with the chef's sleeve, but that's tomorrow, today I just did it for the picture. It seems like I don't have enough hands. But it's worth trying, it makes you feel like...a chef.

Recipe adapted from Giallo Zafferano

200 ml (4/5 cup) cream (the one for whipping)
20 g (1 1/2 tablespoons) butter
250 g ( 8.8 ounce) dark chocolate

Chop the chocolate into small pieces in a food processor. (You can grate it, like the recipe said, but that's messy and hard).

Put a mixing bowl in another bowl with ice water. The mixing bowl has to be cold. (You'll need it for later). Pour the cream in a sauce pan, add the butter. Mix it and heat it on medium heat till hot but not boiling. Remove the sauce pan from the heat. Transfer the shredded chocolate in the cream mixture.

Mix it well, till the chocolate is melted, not more. Transfer everything in a cold mixing bowl (prepared earlier). Cool it off for another couple of minutes.

Attach the whipping tool to your mixer and whip the cream/chocolate for about 5 minutes on highest speed till it changes color to a lighter shade of brown.

Keep the ganache in the fridge, till the moment you use it. Transfer into the sleeve and have fun with it!

However, if you keep it too long in the fridge, it won't go through the sleeve.

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