Jun 4, 2013

Red radish and green onion ricotta spread

One of those days (Monday, it was) that from the moment I put my feet down on the floor, I was very doubtful anything would go my way.

It started at breakfast when I found out I was out of my favorite bread. I tried muesli with milk, which is OK, if you let the grains soak for at least 15 minutes. Needless to say, I didn't. I ended up with some watery dish (that I ate). So then I thought, I'd get this croissant out of the freezer and have it with a cappuccino. I did let the croissant defrost and get warm in the oven long enough, but the cappuccino was a big disappointment. While it tasted great on Sunday morning, on Monday, the milk got sour. 

I know, it did that just to cheer me up.

A little later, I looked in the fridge, where all these greens and reds that had to be used, looked rather unattractive. But no matter what my day is like, I won't allow any food to go to waste and I won't allow anybody to ask me the "what's for lunch?" question when I'm not ready for to come up with some kind of an answer, regardless if there is anything in the pot or not.

I had two bunches of red radishes and one of green onions. They had to be used now or never. Just like some days ago, I ended up grating radishes and chopping onions, mixing up with some kind of cream cheese. This time though, I used ricotta instead of mascarpone and I put in a lot more radishes and onions. Ricotta is lighter but blends all the tastes perfectly. I kept grating and adding more radishes. The salad can integrate a lot of them, or less if you prefer. I feel silly listing the amounts. But I have nothing better to do today, so here they are.

The spread tasted amazing. It remained me of my sweet, innocent, painless childhood days. Every dad and mom in Poland know all about the wonder of this little, simple Spring dish (the creamy spread on a slice of bread). And kids love it!

Recipe by me
time: 15 min


  • 20 medium/large red radishes
  • 1 cup (not packed) green onions, chopped with a big, sharp knife
  • 250 g (9 oz) ricotta
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • couple pinches of salt
slices of good bread

  1. Using a grater with large slots, grate radishes into a bowl. Add chopped onions, add cheese and olive oil
  2. Without over-mixing, gently cover all the veggies with cheese. Correct seasoning and serve on a piece of bread.

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